Informative Kiosk


Enclosure with internal Shelves, doors (Side and back), locks, keys, cooling fans with standard color DATADESK.Can withstand temperature upto 40 to 45 Deg. C & dusty environment Free Standing. Provision for Grouting/levelers USB ports accessible through door.Suitable for 15"/ 17”/19" or equivalent Monitor.

We provide consultancy and help you with our design and manufacturing expertise to produce a customised Kiosk enclosure for Point of Information or Self Service Transaction use. We manufacture Kiosk cabinets at an exclusive high-tech fabrication facility which has in house technical team.

Features and Benefits of Kiosk

  • Kiosks offer self-service functions to people without access to desktop computers.
  • 24x7 access to alll information without the need for human intervention reduces costs and increases convenience for all people.
  • Optional touchscreen interface enables less computer-literate employees easier access to company information.

Infrastructure requirements at Site for Kiosk

  • Uninterrupted clean power with proper power outlets (5 Amp).
  • Network and PSTN connectivity.
  • Security. Level ground with grouting.
  • The site should be weather protected. Protection against rain, heat and humidity is required.
  • Light on the Kiosk should be diffused for clear vision

Touch Screen

  • Desktop LCD : 15", 17", 19"
  • Small LCD : 7", 10.4", 12.1"
  • Large LED/ LCD :32", 40", 42",50”,60” etc.

Kiosk Applications

  • Kiosk Applications
  • Jobs/HR Rresources
  • Corporate lobbies
  • Facility navigators


  • Banking
  • Self service Kiosks
  • Information Kiosks

Travel and Hospitality

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Point of Sales
  • Travel
  • Tickets Reservations


  • Intranet Portal
  • Intranet Portal
  • Campus Navigators
  • Educational management solutions


  • Information portal
  • Municipal corporation bill payment
  • Tax payments
  • Rural educations, railway
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