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Networking Solutions

Ensure availability of IT Infrastructure & computing resources & its optimal utilization, Backup restoration & Disaster recovery management, Capacity planning of computing resource requirements,   Enterprise Systems support vendor management, Responsible for maintenance, compliance at Server Room /Data Center (Server, Networks, Data backup, UPS,  Earthling, cooling, Power backup, Authorization List, EPABX etc.) Maintain zero down time at most of the time.

Technology Used:

Hardware: IBM, HP, Dell, SUN
Os: -Unix, Linux, Win2K,
Application: - Ms Exchange, Active Directory
Network: - LAN, WAN,SAN
Telecom: - EPABX, IP PHONE, Video conference, VOIP
Video Conference Setup ,EPABX installation with interconnectivity of Multi location

Installation, Maintenance of s/w (like RED HAT Linux 8.0,SCO UNIXWARE, EAI (TIBCO)) H/w Of Servers,   computers, Thin Clients, Terminals, DMPs, Line Printers, Networks (LAN, WAN)

What is Wireless Networking?

In computer networking, wireless technology is a modern alternative to networks that use cables. A wireless network transmits data by microwave and other radio signals.
Benefits of (Wireless) Networking

Any kind of network technology (either wired or wireless) increases the usefulness of home and business computers. Wireless networks offer even more benefits than wired ones.
RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID uses a wireless radio frequency system to read data from and write data to special-purpose RFID chips for the primary purpose of tracking mobile objects.

WLAN - Wireless LAN

A WLAN supports network communication over short distances using radio or infrared signals instead of traditional network cabling. WLANs often extend an existing wired local area network.

Now, more than ever, Information Technology is a crucial part of doing business. And with the continuing shortage of qualified technical staff, managing and maintaining the technology you rely on can be challenging. That's why finding a strong partner with quality service and technical expertise is so important.

We offer a variety of Consulting services including:

Network Design
PC trouble shooting, Wide Area Networking, Internet Services.
Wify control
Network Engineering

N.I.P.L are skilled in Network Engineering. At N.I.P.L we can help you to build your network from the ground up or fine tune your existing network. We can assist with the selection, installation, configuration, upgrading, testing and validation of new and existing software and hardware for your network. N.I.P.L combine years of expertise to bring you the results you want in a timely, cost effective manner.

LAN/WAN Support

N.I.P.L can immediately step into your LAN/WAN environment and identify, troubleshoot and resolve any support issues your end-users may have with your existing technology. LAN/WAN Support is a necessity for all companies utilizing today’s technology. N.I.P.L moves as technology moves and our consultants are constantly pursuing certification in their respective fields. Therefore, you can supplement your current support staff with experienced, quality consultants that understand dynamic environments.

1. Networking Installation
Cabling, Network Card Installation, Hubs
Novel Netware, Win NT, Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows 2000
Installation of DNS, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
2. Network Administration
Administering Users and Groups
Rights Assignment to Users and Groups
Configuration DNS, DHCP
Backup Utility
3. Services
Configuring Proxy Server
Configuring Print Server
Networking between the Premises
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