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What is Web Promotion?
Web Promotion is all about publicizing your website through famous search engines such as Google, Yahoo and AltaVista etc. Almost 80 percent of the traffic to any website is created through a search engine. It is essential to promote your website so that your ideas get conveyed to the maximum audiences. Without Web Promotion all your expenses on creating a good website may go wasted. To know about our Web Promotion Services.

Internet Marketing has become the biggest marketplace during the last few years.
Today, people are simply using the net whenever they are looking for something. On an average, about 80% of the traffic your web site generates from Search Engines and Directories.

Even, the best of the websites fail to create the desired impact for the sole reason that it fails to attract the required attention.

The need of Web Promotion/Website Marketing Services has become acute in the past few years. If no one can find your site then your hard work and money spent creating the site is in vain.

But, creating a good website is only a small portion of the good work done. The other, and often the most crucial part is promoting your Web Site. Your website will not have frequent visitors unless it is well promoted and made popular to the rest of the world. Promoting a website can be a complex task and requires the help of experts with professional strategies.

Major Search Engines

Some of the major search engines in which we will submit your website are: Google, AltaVista, AOL Search, Direct Hit / Ask Jeeves, Excite, Fast Search / All The Web, Go / Infoseek, HotBot, Inktomi (powers iWon search and others), InfoSpace, LookSmart, Lycos, MSN Search, Open Directory Project / DMOZ (powers Netscape search and others), WebCrawler, Yahoo! etc.

Why website Promotion?

With millions of pages on the internet, how can you make sure your customers will find you?

If you are spending so much on the designing and development of website and the target customers cannot find you then its simply a waste of resources. A common belief that build your website and consumer will come to you does not hold true with vast internet landscape. A good promotion plan will take your business to consumer rather than waiting for them to come to you. We offer some services which are designed to attract meaningful traffic to your website.

Premium Web Promotion Plan

This is our most popular and affordable website promotion plan.
Your website will be tailored to rank in the top search results of major search engines. The pages of the website are based on keywords/phrases and details about your business. This will help you get to the top pages in the search results. This will give your potential customers, who are looking into search engine listing,

You will need to provide us with 20 to 30 keywords and we will optimize your web pages.We have considerable experience in website promotion and we know what the search engines are looking for so we will optimize your web pages according to that.

We will regularly monitor your website's performance in major search engines for the trargeted keywords.
We will analyze your logfiles and report you what keywords have brought people to your website, which search engines are sending the most traffic. This will help you in your online success.

One time Web Promotion Plan

This one time website promotion plan does not include regular monitoring of your website into the search engines.

We will optimize your web pages according to the keywords provided by you and submit your website to the major search engines.

We will monitor your websites performance in major search engines for the trargeted keywords for 3 to 6 months.

We need access to your logfiles to analyze the results.

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